Dental tourism

Due to the quality, expertise and affordable prices, Croatia is an extremely attractive destination for dental tourism. In fact, a growing number of foreign patients come to Croatia for dental treatments year after year. Depending on the type of service, dental treatment costs are as much as 50-70% lower than in some Western European countries.

Enjoy your vacation and return home with a new smile of your liking.

Mb Dent is a private, specialized dental clinic in Zagreb that offers all dental services in one place according to the highest world standards and at affordable prices. Depending on the type of treatment, most procedures can be completed within a few days of your arrival. If you decide to visit our clinic, we guarantee you will have significant savings without having to wait long for dental services. Make the most of your vacation and time, enjoy the beauties of the Croatian capital, historical sites and attractive locations with your loved ones, and combine the comfortable with the useful.

Our dental tourism service includes:

  • Free check-up and consultation
  • Free and professional evaluation of your dental condition and a solution to your problem based on your needs and financial capabilities.
  • Making treatment appointment and agreeing on the treatment duration.
  • Help with travel, accommodation and transportation services.
  • Tourist information and assistance in organizing your tourist activities.
  • Guarantee of our work and regular care and recommendation about annual controls after the treatment is completed.

Why choose dental services at MB Dent Clinic in Zagreb:

  • Significantly lower prices compared to Western European countries
  • Expert staff and superior service and quality to the highest world standards
  • Save time due to fast service and no long waits
  • A professional and individual approach to each patient
  • Warranty for work and services
  • Help organize your dental trip
  • Opportunity for holidays and tourist activities