Quality assurance

In our work we strive for perfection and complete satisfaction of our patients. Therefore we use the highest quality materials from renowned manufacturers.

Our implants are covered by a lifetime warranty in the case of partial or complete fracture of the implant, while the prosthetics warranty is 5 years.

In order for the guarantee to be valid, the patient must adhere to the instructions given by the doctor and must not have any procedures performed in other dental offices without prior consultation with the doctors at our clinic. The patient must attend regular dental examinations at least once a year and maintain regular dental hygiene. They must use dental splints on a daily basis if prescribed by our doctors.

Regular maintenance of dental hygiene includes:

  • Brushing teeth at least twice a day (morning and evening)
  • Cleaning the area around the implant once a year
  • Daily use of mouthwash (e.g. Listerine)
  • Use of an interdental toothbrush around the implant and, where possible, floss
  • Use of a water flosser (so-called Waterpik)

The satisfied smile of our patients is our best reference

The satisfied smile of our patients is our best reference The satisfied smile of our patients is our best reference

Slavko Pauličević, May 2018

I chose the Mb Dent Clinic on the recommendation of a friend. I am very pleased with the service and both Dr. Matko and dr. Lidija.

Sunčica Guenzi, April 2018

I have been a patient of Dr. Božić for years. Thanks to him and the entire experienced and friendly team, I come from Switzerland for check-ups and yearly repairs. Modern technology that they have along with their expertise gives me confidence and results above my expectations.

Vesna Barišić, April 2018

I chose Dr. Božić at the recommendation of a satisfied friend. I came for a check-up and consultation and remained a patient. Dr. Božić is wonderful, very calm, competent, very precise at explaining and keeps it simple. I am pleased with the overall approach and I would like to compliment the entire Mb Dent team who are really dedicated to the patient. The Mb Dent Clinic exudes beautiful décor and hygiene and I recommend this clinic to anyone.

Žana Radoš, March 2018

I cannot be more satisfied with the service at Mb Dent. I can only say the best things about the doctor, the ambiance and the services. Thank you so much for changing my negative opinion about dentists, and your Maja is simply the best.

Ankica Bešker, March 2018

I chose the Mb Dent Clinic because of the many years of experience, expertise and enthusiasm with which Dr. Božić does his job. I first came to him at the recommendation of their patients 12 years ago and have been his faithful patient ever since. Accessibility and flexibility, love of the profession, a professional approach to every patient and an educational approach give me the assurance that I am in good hands. His continuous development and the new technologies he introduces into the business give me the added confidence that I am in the hands of an excellent and laudable surgeon. A kind team, modern and comfortable space at the Mb Dent clinic, individual approach, knowledge, experience and expertise are merely details characterizing the Mb Dent clinic. I gladly recommend it to all of my friends and acquaintances.